5 Ways to Improve Your Smile

Posted on: March 9, 2020

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A great smile often boosts the first impression of a new acquaintance. Are you wondering how to be effective in improving your smile? Managing the basics of dental care, like cavities, tartar control, and hygiene help in achieving a spectacular smile.

Do you want to improve your smile?

To create that lovely smile by design, see these techniques:

Teeth whitening

One of the most popular procedures to improve your smile is teeth whitening. Many people who are not getting a full smile makeover visit for a regular tooth whitening appointment. It is an affordable, fast and straightforward way to eliminate discoloration and stains from teeth.

There are several different ways to accomplish teeth whitening, such as teeth trays made in the dentist’s office with the solution to take home, teeth whitening kits from drug stores and an in-office visit with the dentist that involves bleaching the teeth.

Removing plaque and achieving healthier gums can also enhance a smile. Electric toothbrushes can be a nice option. Some brushes now feature different modes for sensitive teeth. The heads of the brush can be changed out routinely, keeping the electric toothbrush in excellent working and sanitary condition.

Dental implants

Another way to achieve a pleasant smile is dental implants. Implants are placed in the tooth root within the bone of the jaw. Healthy gums and an adequate gum structure is essential for having dental implants. Made of titanium, implants are durable and robust. They look realistic, very much like the natural teeth in the mouth, giving a beautiful, clean-looking smile.


Veneers are another popular option to improve flaws in a smile and can be achieved in one visit. Dental porcelains improve the cosmetic appearance of chipped teeth, cracked teeth, deeply set-in teeth stains, a tooth that is smaller than the others, misshaped teeth, unusually worn teeth, and broken teeth. With veneers, these imperfections appear just like natural teeth, bringing that beautiful smile to life.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a fast, simple way to improve a smile. Bonding is an artificial substance made of composite resin. The resin is painted onto the tooth, and with a curing light, it then hardens in place. The existing teeth are matched to the adhesive. Dental bonding is less expensive than other smile improvements.

Cosmetic dentistry may be a solution to turning that smile into a more confident and beautiful grin.

These five tips are sure to help illuminate that smile and rejuvenate your confidence. For more information on these various techniques, please contact us.

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