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Oral Surgeries

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Oral surgeries can be sole treatment for certain dental conditions or can act as one part of a more multi-faceted dental plan. From bone grafting to wisdom teeth removal to the laser-aided elimination of a cyst or tumor, the practice of oral surgery can improve the oral (and overall) health of a patient on several different levels. The Camdenton team of dental specialists at Lake Dental Clinic offer innovative surgical procedures to place dental implants, prep gums and bone and to correct conditions concerning both health and aesthetic factors.Oral Surgery Camdenton, MO at Lake Dental Clinic

As a discipline, oral surgery is one of nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. The following list details certain oral surgery applications that can greatly improve patient health and quality of life:
Dental Implants -- Implants will replace a tooth’s roots to support durable, aesthetic prosthetic teeth. If you have lot a tooth due to damage or disease or are in need of an extraction, our surgical procedures will help restore health and create an atmosphere for success once implant is placed. Especially for our denture wearers, All-on-Four implant supported dentures offer a more comfortable and reliable alternative to traditional dentures. 
Impacted Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth) -- The eruption of wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding and may undue years’ worth of orthodontic treatment. Wisdom teeth that partially erupt can leave patients vulnerable to pain and infection. Thanks to oral surgery, problematic wisdom teeth, once identified, can be extracted at our Camdenton dental office. 
(Oral Pathology) Biopsies, Cysts, Tumors and Oral Cancer -- Oral surgery is the front-line defense against oral pathologies. If detected early, most oral pathologies are imminently treatable.
Bone Grafting -- Injuries, diseases and tooth extractions can all cause bone loss. Bone grafting strengthens the jaw and opens up new treatment options for the patient, such as dental implants. 
Soft Tissue Gum Contouring -- This innovative laser-aided procedure is the remedy for a "gummy smile." Soft tissue contouring allows for the reshaping of the gum tissue to bring symmetry and balance to your smile. The procedure can prove cosmetically beneficial and functionally relevant as well when used to prep for veneer or crown placement. 
Depending on the needs and objectives of the patient, oral surgery procedures can be executed individually or in tandem with one another. A patient, for instance, may wish to have her wisdom teeth removed while concurrently receiving some bone grafting work as part of a multi-faceted treatment plan. The flexibility and benefits of oral surgery are among the most impressive and advanced in all of dentistry. 
If you have any questions about the oral surgery we facilitate at Lake Dental Clinic, then please do feel free to contact us. You may also set up an appointment online. 

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