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Family Dentistry

Dental Services for the Whole Family - Camdenton Family Dentistry!

Lake Dental Clinic is a family dental office in Camdenton, MO. The wealth of knowledge and experience from a team of five dentists offers patients and their families the best of general, cosmetic and restorative dental services. From pediatric dental care to geriatric dental service for our senior patients, the team at Lake Dental Clinic provides quality, gentle care to patients of all ages.

Pediatric Services to Build a Dental Home for Children

Becoming a dental home for our young patients is important to pediatric dental services. When children come in, our friendly staff make them feel at home. We educate parents on best at-home brushing and flossing techniques and reinforce the importance of good oral health upkeep and nutrition choices during our pediatric dental cleanings and exams. Prevention is another key component to dentistry for children. We offer fluoride treatments and sealants to help safeguard permanent teeth.Family Dentistry in CamdentonQuality General Dental Care throughout the Years

Our family dental practice makes an effort to provide the education needed to understand dental conditions and proper hygiene techniques. The better we care for permanent teeth, the less restoration effort is needed. Our dentists understand that normal wear and tear, certain medications and physical health conditions can impact dentition, so they use routine cleanings to stay abreast of patient health and examine the teeth and gums closely for early detection. Routine dental visits encourage minimally invasive care for more affordable dentistry.

When the need for restoration, treatments or oral surgeries do occur, Lake Dental Clinic’s dental services include:

  • Dental Implants - Advanced technology to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full palate
  • Crowns and Bridges - Repair and replace severely damaged teeth
  • Dentures - Full or partial dentures, both traditional and implant supported 
  • Cosmetic Solutions - Includes veneers, whitening and tooth-colored restorations
  • Oral Surgeries - Including third molar/wisdom teeth extractions (including impacted teeth), biopsies, cysts, tumors
  • Laser Surgery - Such as soft tissue contouring
  • Bone Grafting - Rebuilds compromised jaw bone

Dental Geriatric Care

Senior dental care is important to the dental team Lake Dental Clinic. We want our senior dental patients to continue to live life to the fullest and having a full-functioning smile promotes just that. From an unlimited diet to better digestion, we take special care to understand senior patient’s overall health and durable restorations.

Camdenton Family Dentistry

Lake Dental Clinic offers an array of family dental care procedures and treatments to best care for the dental needs of patients at any age. Contact our Camdenton family dental practice to schedule an appointment. We look forward to improving your oral health and keeping it its best.

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