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Dental Emergency

We Offer Emergency Dental Care for Camdenton, Osage Beach & Lake Ozark, MO

True dental emergencies not only create significant discomfort but can have a lasting impact on the health of a patient’s dental and bodily health. We are committed to helping patients throughout Camdenton and the neighboring communities achieve optimal dental comfort and health.

If you have an emergency, please contact us(573) 346-7278 as early in the day as possible and we will do our best to respond to your dental emergency promptly. If the emergency arises when the office is closed, the voice mail will give you a phone number for the doctor on call.

Timely Emergency Dental Care

For patients who are experiencing true dental emergencies, we make every effort to treat you on the same day that you contact our practice. If patients cannot be treated within the same day, we will schedule them for our earliest available appointment to ensure they are able to regain the comfort, health, and function of their smile.

Should you have a dental emergency after office hours, our messaging system provides directions on how to reach one of our emergency dentists for treatment. Patients will be contacted if they can be treated the same day, if not, we will schedule you as soon as possible.

Alleviating Discomfort through Comprehensive Treatment

Our emergency dentists’ primary goal is to make you comfortable within the same day. Whenever possible, we have patients come to our office for an immediate diagnosis of what is causing them pain. During their appointment, patients are provided with inhaled or oral conscious sedation to increase their comfort.  

If the cause of pain is physical trauma, we alleviate any discomfort by sealing the treatment damaged site and preventing infection. If your tooth has been compromised by damage to the root, we remove it and prescribe antibiotics before a follow-up appointment.
Teeth extraction is followed by planning for the placement and restoration of a dental implant.

Infection reaching the pulp is another common cause for significant discomfort. Patients experiencing an emergency of this nature will be treated with root canal therapy, where affected tissues are removed and replaced with biocompatible materials. Dependent on the amount of the tooth that has been affected by decay, it will be restored by an inlay, onlay, or crown. If the tooth is no longer viable, it will be removed. In certain cases, we provide retreatment for patients whose root canals have been compromised.

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Don’t let yourself or someone you love continue experiencing dental discomfort. Contact Lake Dental Clinic to schedule your comprehensive exam and comfort-enhancing treatment. Our Camdenton emergency dental practice provides an array of dental treatments to ensure your oral health and comfort. 


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